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AURORA Organic Spray Tans supports the local community in giving back.  Below are some of the contributions we have supported:

  • Adopt local patients with skin cancer

  • Donated to a local charity to assist women and sex trafficking

  • Donated to Alamo Capital's silent auction to benefit the American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer

  • Discounts given to Taste & Toast to Education

  • Donated to Aveda Clean Water Fund

  • Adopted a military bride to support Brides Across America

  • Donated to Fly Wheel's 1 Year Anniversary Raffle

  • Participated in Welcome Neighbor Program

  • Donated a spray tan and red light therapy for a local Mother on Mother's Day

  • Fundraiser completed with San Ramon High School to raise money for their senior ball and prom

  • Discounts given to Las Lomas High School Prom/Senior Ball

  • Donated to Indian Valley Middle School Auction to help fund science enrichment, upgraded computer supplies, library and educational material

  • Donated to many local school Auctions

  • Donated 50 swag bags to downtown WC holiday stroll

  • Donated to help the victims of the North Bay Fires

  • Donated to Changes Day Spa & Salon fundraiser to support STAND!

  • Donated to Kendra's Scott Bridal Bazaar

  • Donated to Lace & Bustle's Bridal Fair

Amy Staubitz Owner of Aurora Organic Spray Tans


The name “AURORA” was inspired and chosen from the Aurora Borealis which is the most natural beautiful sunlight.  AURORA Organic Spray Tans was founded by Amy Staubitz, RN, PHN, MSN, MBA.  Amy has lived in California for over 16 years, is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and also is a Registered Nurse.  After taking care of many wound care patients as a public health nurse, she became more aware of the rise in skin cancer.  In fact, she discovered skin cancer is now the most common of all cancers.


After researching further, she found that the Skin Cancer Foundation states that one in every five patients will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  The American Cancer Society also states that exposure to UV rays such as sunlight, tanning beds and sun lamps are a major risk factor for developing Melanoma. 


Amy developed a strong passion and desire to bring awareness and education to the public to help protect the largest organ of the body: your skin.  AURORA was founded and driven to improve health by providing a beautiful, organic sunless alternative to harmful UV ray tanning.

Inside of Aurora Organic Spray Tans
Inside of Aurora Organic Spray Tans
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