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What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is approximately a 60 minute appointment that leaves your lashes fuller & curvier with a keratin treatment that will keeps your lashes fluttering for 6-8 weeks!

Prep / Post Care?

Prep is easy babe! Come in bare lashed!
 (clean lashes, no mascara/eyeliner) 
For the first 24 hours prepare to keep your lashes water & moisture free! So that means no shower/sauna! Also, be cautious sleeping! You don't want to smash them & have them leaning side ways!

Aurora Lash Lift 


60 min:            $150


Can I  continue/start using  a lash growth serum?

Definitely!  We actually highly encourage you to do so! You'll want to refrain for the first 24 hours but afterwards continue as suggested for even better results!
-Check out Grande Lash MD if you're in the market for an amazing serum!
-Additional Questions?  Feel free to Call us and we can help! :)


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