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Spray Tanning vs. Traditional Tanning

Times have changed a lot from baking in our back yards lathered in baby oil. Traditional tanning now can be very damaging to your skin and can lead to the number one cancer: melanoma. In fact, skin cancer affects one in five Americans in their lifetime. While tanning beds and baking in the vitamin D enriched Sun can be damaging, spray tanning is an alternative to harmful UV tanning.

When one hears spray tanning, they often think Oompa Loompa or are scared they may look like they are rolled in a bag of doritos! Like medicine, technology has really advanced the production of high quality spray tan solutions. The main ingredient in the spray tan solution is called dihydroxyacetone or also known as DHA. Often times the DHA is made from an sugar derived from a fruit or vegetable such as apples, beets or sugarcane. The solution that Aurora uses has the highest quality eco-certified DHA that is an organic sugar derived from beets.

How does spray tanning work and how long does it last? When you arrive, the spray tan artist will consult with you to determine your most optimal shade that you desire for your skin. The spray tan artist can mix over 50 different solutions and customize it to match your skin. You are then escorted to a private room and you can undress to your comfort level. Aurora provides disposable thongs, pasties, bras, hairnets, feet protectors and boxers if needed. Once you undress you are sprayed with an air brush gun from a certified spray tan artist. You will be asked to do many different moves that may seem like you are an acrobat. This is done to ensure coverage in all areas. Aurora's highly trained artists are very professional and give the upmost respect and privacy to every client. The airbrush appointment from start to finish takes approximately 20 minutes.

Benefits of spray tanning are endless! Huge boost of confidence, hides flaws such as cellulite and stretch marks, can make you look 5-10 years younger and 5-10 pounds lighter. Spray tanning is a healthier alternative and can protect your skin from harmful UV ray tanning and pre-mature aging.

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