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Why does Organic matter with Spray Tanning?

Believe it or not, your skin is the largest organ of your body. Why would you neglect the one organ that is protecting your muscles, bones and vital organs? Many people are choosing to live healthier lifestyles as they are seeing cancer and other chronic diseases rise. Living a healthier lifestyle could be that they have joined a cycling studio such as Soul Cycle or have cut out sweets and breads in their diets. Some take it a step further and join Crossfit and go Paleo. Regardless of what your lifestyle change may be, we can't forget to protect your skin.

In the past, I have experienced many "bad" spray tans including the horrid booth where I left feeling like an Oompa Loompa. Streakiness, patchiness, dark hands, dark knees, dark elbow and ankles, completely un-natural and the most embarrassing part is the turkey baster smell! Did you know that the funky smell is actual chemicals placed in the solution of the spray tan? Some solutions have also been known to contain arsenic, lead, even mercury (all neurotoxins) – all of which dry out the skin and lead to serious skin problems. It takes 26 seconds for products to penetrate the skin and enter your bloodstream. This is a scary consideration for non-organic spray tan solutions users!

Less is more. Most spray tan solutions have over 35 ingredients! The Aurora solution has only 13 ingredients. The main ingredient is an organic sugar derived from beets. The quality of the solution absolutely affects the quality of the spray tan. The benefit of having an oil-free solution is that the solution will not stain your clothes or sheets. Erythrolose is not FDA approved and is another preservative added to many solutions to increase the duration of the tan. Organic spray tanning is a huge improvement in traditional spray tanning; invest in your health and choose ORGANIC!

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